Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Head of the Laboratory: Ieva Rodze
Phone: +371 67808971, +371 67620718

Mission of the activities of the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory is to take care of animal health, development of livestock production and harmonious everyday life for people who have domestic pets.
The Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL) is a leading diagnostic laboratory in Latvia. Experience accumulated more than 60 years and established quality management system allows perform wide spectrum of investigations to establish causes of animal diseases, to assess the effectiveness of disease prophylaxis and to assist the monitoring of animal herd health status. Quality assessment analysis of animal environment and feed together with investigations of clinical and pathological material allow customers to obtain complex information about disease reasons and help to choose the right disease treatment and prophylaxis.

The most of the testing methods used in the laboratory has been accredited according to LVS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories. Quality monitoring system is annually valuated by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK). Regular quality control of used testing methods, provided by successful participation in interlaboratory comparative testing programs, is a guarantee for credibility of test results.

The Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory implements functions of National Reference Laboratory (NRL) in all areas of animal health and several areas of food and feed. Main tasks which Laboratory performs as NRL are:

  •  operational laboratory-diagnostic of epizootics;
  • storage of epizootic and zoonotic agents’ isolates;
  • molecular and phenotypic characterization;
  • providing of approved specific reagents;
  • guarantee of competent expertise.

Leading staff of the ADDL provide activity of specialized divisions of the laboratory and advise clients, professionals of the sector, scientists, students and teaching staff of universities on issues of veterinary pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, virology and serological diagnostic.

To develop and implement state surveillance and control programs of animal infectious disease, the ADDL directly cooperates with state institutions: Veterinary and Food Processing Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia and Veterinary Surveillance Department of the Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia.
Beside execution of a routine analysis and duties of reference laboratory many specialists of the ADDL carry on their scientific researches. Research on incidence and spread of infectious disease; research of zoonotic agents in the food movement; molecular genetic research of microorganisms’  - these are the main scientific directions in which our doctoral students, masters and other scientific personnel work under the guidance of PhDs.
There are several specialized divisions corresponding with testing areas in the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. It provides an operative customer service, quick flow of samples and appropriate testing. 

  1. Division of Pathology
  2. Division of Microbiology
  3. Division of Virology
  4. Division of Serology
  5. Division of Molecular Biology
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